Home Cleanse & Protection Ritual Pack

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Home Cleanse & Protection Ritual Pack

Perform this smudging Ritual to cleanse & protect your home from stagnant negative energies and bring in protective energies to your home.

Included in this pack are all the elements required for your home protection ritual.

  • 4 x Obsidian Crystals
  • Protection Candle (100g)
  • Black Salt (5g)
  • White Sage Smudge Stick (4")
  • Protection Ointment (5mL)
  • Ritual Guide 
  • All presented in a natural bag

Each Pack is marked with a unique number certificate and the date of the full moon energy charge. Making this a truely limited, unique & symbolic home protection ritual.


White Sage has traditionally been used to cleanse and purify a space or a person’s energy field.  Loose sage or a smudge stick is burned, allowing the smoke to cleanse and carry away negative or stagnant energy.

When burning a smudge stick, ensure that you have something for the ashes to fall into such as a dish or a shell.

When you smudge indoors, always make sure that you have a window or door cracked or open.  This ensures that the smoke can carry the stuck energy out of your home and into the universe for cleansing, thus leaving behind a calm and positive feeling.

After lighting the smudge stick, begin to fan the smoke around.  While doing this, hold the intent for the smoke to gather and carry away anything negative or stagnant away.  Often times, this negative energy may be left behind from an argument, depression, illness, etc. We want to remove that, so that it doesn’t linger in spaces we frequently occupy.

Keep Out of Reach of Children

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