Promote Fertility Crystal Grid

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Use this charged Promote Fertility Crystal Grid Pack to program and bring in positive Fertility Energy into your life.

To keep it simple, human beings are made up of energy, and crystals are made up of the Earth’s energy. When these two come together, vibrational healing occurs. Healing occurs in a variety of ways, and it is different for each person.

It can be anything from removing blockages in the body, releasing emotions or increasing energy—no two people are alike. When you are having trouble getting pregnant, the healing power of crystals can often help remove any energetic blockages or help you to let go of a negative mindset. 

Your Promote Fertility Grid Pack Includes:-

  • Sacred Geometric Crystal Grid Cloth (20cm x 20cm) 
  • 1 Large Clear Quartz Rough Crystal
  • 2 Rose Quartz Crystals
  • 4 Carnelian Stones
  • 2 Moonstone Crystals
  • Charge Certificate
  • A "How To" Program Your Crystal Grid

Each Grid Pack is marked with a unique number certificate and the date of the full moon energy charge. Making this a truely limited, unique & symbolic crystal grid ritual. 

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Another way to use your Crystals: Bathe in Fertility Gemstones

Bathing in these crystals is a very feminine, self-loving way to connect with their energy. Simply add a few stones to your bath with your favourite essential oil, herbs or bath salts. A new moon or full moon bath is a great way to make sure you practice this regularly.

Please Note: I think you already know that I’m not a doctor & am not giving medical advice. Crystals for fertility should be used as a compliment to & not as a replacement for regular medical care & consultations.