Self Love Ritual


Self Love Affirmation

Self Love Meditation

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This self care ritual is all about giving yourself the time you need to release and renew. Take your precious time with this ritual. You are making a new type of love to yourself. You are igniting a golden fire inside of you. Make time to make this special.

1) BATH RITUAL: Using a cleansing bath

Soak away self-doubt, stress, and energies that block loving energy from your vibration with a sweet salt bath. Powered by powerful essential oils, Australian pink clay & epsom salts - this cleansing bath salts are designed to boost your confidence and self esteem while you self care like a goddess.

  • Set the mood for ceremony. Play relaxing music and light candles in the bathroom. Burn incense if you’d like.
  • Draw a bath, and add 1 -4 tablespoons into the drawn bath.
  • Soak while affirming self love.

2) ANOINTING RITUAL: Using Amity Lotion

  • Apply our luxurious lotion to your entire body after soaking in the Self Love bath.
  • While massaging yourself, repeat the affirmation.


  • In front of your mirror, recite mantras/affirmation. Repeat daily. 

The Self Love ritual is a source of renewal. It was made for women and men who may want to introduce more loving vibrations in their lives - whether they want a boost in self esteem and confidence or want to attract more love in your life. This ritual is designed to pamper, beautify, and fortify you for love, confidence, and sweetness unparalleled. 


Source: Ritual & Vibe