Ostara | Spring Equinox Ritual

Perform your very own spring equinox ritual & focus on the energies associated with Ostara.


Ostara Energies | New Beginnings - Fertility - Love - Health - Happiness - Prosperity

What you will need?

  • 1 egg
  • 1 black sharpie permanent marker
  • Loose bundle wild flowers
  • Candle
  • Flower & Plant seed of your liking

How to perform your ritual?

This is a simple ritual to focus your energies on your desires for Spring.

1. On Ostara night create yourself a quiet space - light a candle and surround yourself with other magical items (optional) crystals, incense, music, oracle cards etc.

2. Create a circle with the wildflowers (this can be just big enough to enclose all your elements)  If you don’t have wildflowers and need to work the ritual, image a white light circle surrounding you.

    Say the following as you create your circle

    From East to South and North to West,
    As guided by spirit to manifest.
    I call upon Gaia & guides to attend,
    Together in the circle, until its end,
    With hands steadfast, the circle is cast.

    3. Quiet your mind and write down your goal, desire or sentence on the egg. 

    4. When you are ready and finished writing on your egg. you need to put down the circle.

    Say the following and then you can let the candle and incense keep burning for as long as you like…
    And now its done, with harm to none,
    Inhale the power, of this spellbinding hour,
    And with this sound (clap) the magic is bound. 
    As the ritual candle here glows,
    Now its time for the circle to close.

    5. Take your egg to the front yard and bury it in your garden. As you bury the egg, drop a flower or plant seed and say.....So Mote it Be.