Herb of the Month!


Origin: South America
Source of oil: Leaves/Bulb
Wellness Impact: Purification & Love

Magical Correspondence: 
Attract Love, Self Love, Baby Love, Dream Magic, Success

Suggested Crystal: Rose Quartz

This herb, ruled by the Air element, aids in communication between two people. When added to love magic rituals, it increases potency.
  • Add it to a bath and cleanse away negative energy which prevents you from finding a lasting love.
  • Carry lemon verbena in your pocket or locket to attract the love of another.
  • Drink it in a tea or infusion, and use it to flavour poultry dishes for love. Its lemony scent and flavour purifies and excites the senses. 
PLEASE NOTE: Avoid if pregnant. Not enough evidence to prove if Lemon Verbena is safe or not durning pregnancy.


Lemon Verbena Magic Love Potion