Full Moon Ritual

Venus is now direct, and even though her shadow still lingers, things have become clearer. Over the past 40

days and 40 nights, we have been tested in our relationships, both with the self and with others. Yet, the final

day that Venus goes direct on November 16th, our dear friend Mercury will go into retrograde in Scorpio.

Again, another dive into the Scorpio world, to learn about our habitual and ancestral thought patterns keeping

us stuck in this paradigm.

This full moon is in Gemini, which is ruled by Mercury, the messenger of the gods, and since Scorpio will be

the ruler, we will be listening to the gods of the Underworld. We often fear what is hidden within us, desires

that feel unspeakable, addictive thoughts that keep us thirsty, or the lack of trust in our abilities. We will learn

what information our inner minds crave and how to unblock what has been stuck for ages. The full moon

illuminates what is buried deep within the psyche and marks a time to witness what needs to be healed.

Gemini carries within it the duality—night and day, give and take—within itself it is two ideas, two ways of

being, that somehow coexist in the same body. The appearance or charm is never what it truly means within.

Maybe there is more love to be shared. Or maybe there is foul play trying to manipulate or control how things

should be. Whatever side it is on, both are right, for they are all expressions of the self. Since Gemini will also

be influenced by Scorpio, we will be able to transform and shape-shift into new forms. The mind can play

tricks on what we perceive to be real, but when we return to the body, back to the soul of all things, then we are

reminded of our true source of energy.

This will be an important time to focus the mind on forgiveness and gratitude of the past and what has not yet

been born. It is not easy to speak aloud forbidden needs or having thoughts that seem from a dark past. They

are alive but not part of you; they are part of the great mystery that wants to show us what we are capable of, so

we can choose another way. Our greatest power is to be thankful for all that has arrived and to be blessed for

the endings that gave us life.


I forgive what came before.

I know what must happen now.

I trust in what will become.



It is not easy to forgive, to forgive yourself for things you didn’t know you could change or the people

that have given you pain. Yet, the freedom is in the release of holding on to the past, to what no longer

serves your path. Under the full moon, write a forgiveness letter to your past self; this could be from

a past life or an earlier memory. Then write a letter to someone that you need to forgive—tell them

everything and more. Read these letters aloud in front of a flame. When finished, burn the letters

and set them free. Place the ashes in flowing water to cleanse your emotional streams. At the end, say

“blessed be” three times, then say, “so mote it be.”


Source: Witchyways