About Cantata Elixir

Cantata Elixirs enchanted Lotions & Potions, provide spiritually conscious consumers with a daily ritualistic cleansing & moisturising experience

With the essence of the Moons energy in every bottle and bar, Cantata Elixirs products through the law of attraction allow the user to attract the energies they desire.

Cantata Elixir Lotions & Potions Concept

As we currently know, the Moons gravitational force control the ocean tides, and with our bodies at birth being around 78% water…so why wouldn't the moon and its forces, effect us/our bodies directly? 

And, what the ancients always knew about crystals and what we are now coming to the realisation is that quartz crystals are piezoelectric, meaning it can transform energy from one form to another.

Cantata Elixirs Lotions & Potions combine the science theories, with spiritual concepts - to bring these enchanted products to my customers.