Learn how to create a Sigil and set its intent with this easy to do Ritual.

Want to learn how you can create your very own magical Sigil?

What is a Sigil?

A sigil is a symbol. A symbol that represents a goal, desire or ambition that you’d like to bring into your life.

What you will need?

  • Paper ( a few sheets)
  • Pen/Pencil
  • A distraction free place to work
  • Allow some time, cant rush magical things.

How to create your own sigil?

  1. Create your quiet space - Your an do this by surrounding yourself with crystals, candles, incense and even a dictionary if you want to find/define the right words. I cant say this strong enough, but you need to be specific. You can ask for love, but love comes in many forms….so be specific and say a true love equal partner
  2. Quiet your mind and write down your goal, desire of sentence - Think of your hearts true desire? What is in your gut? What is it that you really really want?
  3. Strike out all the vowels - from your statement, word or sentence, cross out all the vowels. Vowels are A E I O U.
  4. Strike out duplicate consonants - (this is optional) Listen to your gut on this one. I sometimes do it and sometimes don’t.
  5. Rearrange all the letters until you have a symbol - This is the creative part. Arrange the letters to create a symbol. (samples below)
  6. Join the letters, have different size letters, have them upside-down - arrange them in any way, until you have created a symbol you are happy with.

What to do when you have a symbol and you are happy with it?

When you have finished and have a symbol you are happy with…..place the symbol somewhere you can see daily and instil the intent into it, each and every day.

(I usually place them on a bedside table or if i’m super keen - I take a photo of it and have it as my phone screen background)

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