Cleansing Bath Ritual

Spiritual baths are recommended whenever you expect or have encountered negativity, fatigue, stress, depression, anxiety or fear.  They are also one of the simplest and most effective ways of purification, preparing yourself for magical work, or for inviting in desired magical effects.  Spiritual Bathing is also an excellent choice for beginner witches as it is simple, effective and the results are immediately noticeable.

The tradition of using herbs in cleansing and magical bathing is an old practice rooted in Abrahamic and African religions. Psalm 51:7 of the Christian Bible reads: "Purify me with hyssop, and I shall be clean; Wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow." and the tradition of using hyssop in cleansing baths persists to this day. In fact hyssop is a very popular witchy herb, used by Hoodoo Rootworkers, Pagans, Wiccans and everyone in between.

When to Take Spiritual Baths

Spiritual baths can be taken with the sun's energy or with the moon's energy. Whichever feels right to you and the situation. 

We will talk about the moon energy in this instance.

When it come's to using the moon's energy, for drawing something or someone in take your bath on a new moon- for new beginnings, fresh starts, optimism, hope and faith) or any night during the waxing phase - for building, accomplishments, creativity, strength, growth and learning, positive transformation.

Preparing Your Ritual Bath

Before anything, take a quick shower to cleanse yourself physically of dirt, sweat etc. Now you are physically clean and ready for spiritual cleansing.

Run the bath and add the Cantata Elixir Bath Salts AFTER you stop the water running. (Adding the salts while the tap is running will cause the essential oils to evaporate quickly).

 Light some white candles for the new beginings purpose.

Always bless the water before you get in. Ask whichever energy, spirit, deity, saint you relate with, to bless the water and to be with you while you take the bath for support.

How To Take A Spiritual Bath 

Get into the tub and stand in the water. If you are repelling or banishing something, such as negativity from a co-worker, use a cup to pour the water over you head so that the water runs down your body into the tub. State your problems with each pouring over your head to wash them away from you. 

Spend at least 20 minutes soaking in the bath water. Use this time to meditate, visualising your intention, chanting, listening to spiritual music or binural beats, relaxing in silence... whatever feels right for you.

When you've finished with the bath, save a cup of it for proper disposal. Pull out the bath plug and visualise all of your problems or any obstacles going down the drain. With the last drop of water say "So be it" or words to that effect. 

Air dry so that you don't rub off the oils etc You want them to continue working long after the bath.

Tip: Always clean your tub with saltwater afterwards to cleanse it of any lingering negativity.

Ritual Disposal of the Bath Water 

For moon baths, go outside and throw the water towards the moon. This finalises your cleansing bath ritual.

Now let the law of attraction take effect in its own divine timing.



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