Breast Cancer & A little Magic...


Breast Cancer and a story of a little bit of magic….

October is Breast Cancer awareness month & I wanted to share my own story of how a little bit of magic (or universe energy) has without a doubt, saved my life.

I was showering on this average Wednesday in July - but in actual fact, it was a day that has undoubtedly change my life.

On an average day, I use a loofa with my Amity Wash in the shower….but for whatever reason (for me its the magic of the universe) on this day, I pumped the liquid wash directly onto the palm of my left hand.

Shaking my head at myself, I proceeded to wash under my arm with Amity & then I felt it…. A little lump, on my right breast. I went to the Doctor & am now halfway through treatment.

What would have happened if I didn’t forget the loofa? What if I put it in my right hand?

I know a little bit of magic & the universe was looking after me that day.

Amity represents Love

Im asking for all you ladies out there, to show yourself some true love & please do a regular breast checks.

Share this little story of magic & help save some lives!

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